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Years after Shawn won Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, the ratings for Total Drama have never been higher. The public demand for newer seasons were in full motion, and because of this, the producers decided to create a seventh season. Set on a dilapidated high school campus in Scotia Nova in Canada, twenty eight average American teenagers were recruited or auditioned and became part of the final cast. The twenty eight teens will be split into four special teams based on their high school "status": the Athletic Armadillos; the Beautiful Badgers; the Nerdy Narwhals and the Prepy Peacocks. Every three days, the contestants will be set a challenge to complete. The winning team(s) will win invincibility and are safe from the elimination ceremony that day. The losing team will then vote someone off their team, and the person who doesn't receive a diploma is eliminated. That eliminated contestant will then leave via The School Bus of Shame, and leave the campus for good. Around half way into the competition, the teams will dissolve and the remaining competitors must fend for themselves. From that stage in the competition, only a maximum of two people could win invincibility from the elimination(s) and the remaining competitors will all vote as one unified group instead of teams. This will continue until only two people survive, which is when they will have a final brawl to determine the winner of the million dollar prize. Who will thrive in the game? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will come on top to be the ultimate Misfit? Find out on Total Drama Misfits!

Produced by - SoaringSpirits



Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran

Several Anonymous Interns


Athletic Armadillos

Allistar ~ The Definition of Athleticism
Cian ~ The Innocent Kleptomaniac
Jacqueline ~ The Intimidating HBIC
Misha ~ The Queen of the Castle
North ~ The Hopeless Romantic
Rio ~ The Troublesome Rebel
Victory ~ The Arrogant Athlete

Nerdy Narwhals

Arion ~ The Fantasy Guru
Bernadette ~ The Care-giving Guarding
Dion ~ The Scaredy Cat
Horatio ~ The High-Stakes Mechanic
Nova ~ The Light-Hearted "Superhero"
Riccardo ~ The Video Gaming Expert
Winter ~ The Deceitful Visionary

Prepy Peacocks

Acacia ~ The Chubby Party Animal
Fallen ~ The Spiritual Soul
Honora ~ The Insane Pageant Princess
Kayleigh ~ The Carefree Illusionist
London ~ The Snobby Competitor
Maisie ~ The Positivity Pollyanna
Roman ~ The Anger Management Case

Beautiful Badgers

Byron ~ The One-Man Circus Freakshow
Charlotte ~ The Bubbly Geordie
Euan ~ The Vindictive Ex-Con
Emmalyn ~ The The High Society Socialite
Paola ~ The Flirtatious Firecracker
Raign ~ The Witchcraft Enthusiast
Thorn ~ The Anti-Social Loner

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Episode One: Upon Entry, Abandon All HopeEdit

Part One: The Return of the BlondeyEdit

Part Two: Misfits GaloreEdit

Elimination Table:Edit

The elimination table has been reverted to here to avoid spoiling the season for anyone. Click the above link at your own risk.


  • This season has been in production for some time, and it is only recently I have began writing it.