yeah this is where I will stereotype my school friends.


  • Ryan - The Very Rough-Looking Newcastle United Fan Who Is Really Nice To Me For No Reason.
  • Alex - The Guy Who Stares At Me From Across The Classroom Creepily.
  • Ginger Girl - The One Who B*tches About Everyone Very Very Loudly.
  • Joe - Ryan's Wingman Who Also Loves Newcastle United.
  • Rebecca - The Girl Who Shares The Same Last Name As Me Who Is Pretty Quiet.
  • Ellie - The Stereotypical Blonde Who Calls Me Argos For No Reason.
  • Kain - A Utter Douchebag And Wingman of Ryan Who Also Loves Newcastle United.
  • Liam G. - The Other Liam And Another Wingman of Ryan.
  • Liam A. - The Moron Who Won't Leave Me Alone When I Am Trying To Do Homework In Class Without Being Detected.
  • Mia - The Very Quiet Girl Who Doodles In Class.
  • Tom Twink - The Guy Who Looks Like Me And So We Are Called "Twinkies"
  • Ruby - The Stuck Up Know It All Who Also Loves Art.
  • Kieren - The Small Chubby Newcastle United Fan Who Has Anger Issues and Tendencies To Hit 7th Graders.

Business StudiesEdit

  • Adam - A Very Popular Guy Who Talks To Me For Some Reason.
  • Che - Another Very Popular Guy Who Brags About His Sexual Experiences In Class.
  • Tom - The Third Popular Guy In My Class Who Is An Utter Douchebag.
  • Emily - A Girl That Reminds Me Of Jodie Which Makes Me Very Aware When She Is Around.
  • Daniel - The Fat Ginger Guy Who Acts Proper Hardcore Bruv!
  • Ben - The Fat Ginger Guy Who Is A Complete Jax.
  • Bradley - The Music Loving Jax/Gideon Combo Which Makes Me Cringe All The Time.
  • Taldwyn - A Redhead With A Mixture of Two Names Which Her Parents Can't Remember. She Has Holes In Her Ears Too.
  • Conrad - The Guy Who Copies My Work In Class And Has Dreadlocks Which Makes Me Very Causious When Around Him.
  • Ellie - The Girl Who I Kinda Have A Crush On Who Also Went To My Last School And Is A Very Nice Person Overall.
  • Liberty - The Girl Who Sits By The Trash Cans At Lunch. Kinda Feel Bad For Her...