In a brand new crossover fanfiction, Total Drama and Survivor combine minds to create Outlast, a new competition reality show that takes twelve teenagers into the harsh environments of a new and improved Wawanakwa, to compete against one another in order to win the million dollar cash prize on offer. But before all this, the contestants must have to battle harsh and deadly surroundings, homemade camp food and most importantly each other. They will also have to work in two tribes of six, Saitrionco and Kasa Kasa within challenges set every three days in order to win rewards and immunity from the vote off where all but one contestant shall receive a marshmallow. At some point in the game the tribes will dissolve where it will be every boy and girl for themselves within the tribe of Okaterius, up until the finale where only two will be left standing and after that only one of them will walk away with the million dollar cash prize. All the drama and more on the newest and first season of both Total Drama and Survivor, Welcome to... Outlast!

Thirty-Nine Days. Two Tribes. Twelve Castaways. One Survivor.
Written By, GalaxyRemixZ.



One: Isolation

Word Count: TBA
Posted On: TBA


Elimination Table

Rank Contestant 1
TBA Aubrey
TBA Benedict
TBA Bradford
TBA Carmen
TBA Eleanor
TBA Harriet
TBA Simone
TBA Spencer
TBA Travis
TBA Wyatt


  •      WIN - This contestant won the challenge and were immune from the vote off, before the merge.
  •      WIN - This contestant won the challenge and were immune from the vote off, after the merge.
  •      LOW - This contestant received the final marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.
  •      HIGH - This contestant received the first marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.
  •      SAFE - This contestant received a stale marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony.
  •      IN - This episode was either an introduction/aftermath/reunion episode and therefore the contestants were already safe.
  •      OUT - This contestant did not receive a marshmallow at the Bonfire Ceremony and was eliminated from the competition.
  •      LEFT/QUIT - This contestant left/quit the show for un/known reasons.