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Lana Del ReyEdit

Born To Die - The Paradise EditionEdit

23rd. This is What Makes us Girls
22nd. Bel Air
21st. Yayo
20th. Blue Velvet
19th. Summertime Sadness

18th. Body Electric
17th. Gods and Monsters

16th. Blue Jeans
15th. Without You

14th. Million Dollar Man
13th. Born to Die
12th. Lolita

11th. Diet Mountain Dew
10th. Lucky Ones
9th. Carmen
8th. Radio

7th. Cola
6th. Off to the Races
5th. Video Games
4th. Dark Paradise
3rd. National Anthem
2nd. American
1st. Ride


14th. Fucked My Way Up to the Top
13th. The Other Woman
12th. Black Beauty
11th. Guns and Roses

10th. Sad Girl
9th. Pretty When You Cry

8th. Cruel World
7th. Old Money

6th. Ultraviolence

5th. Brooklyn Baby
4th. West Coast

3rd. Money Power Glory
2nd. Shades of Cool
1st. Florida Kilos

Marina and the DiamondsEdit

The Family JewelsEdit

13th. Guilty
12th. Shampain

11th. Girls
10th. The Outsider

9th. Rootless
8th. Numb
7th. Hollywood

6th. Obsessions

5th. I Am Not a Robot

4th. Are You Satisfied?
3rd. Oh No!
2nd. Mowgli's Road
1st. Hermit the Frog

Electra HeartEdit

13th. Homewrecker
12th. Bubblegum Bitch

11th. Hypocrates
10th. Primadonna

9th. How to be a Heartbreaker
8th. Living Dead
7th. Lies

6th. Starring Role

5th. Valley of the Dolls

4th. Power & Control
3rd. The State of Dreaming
2nd. Fear and Loathing
1st. Teen Idle

Lady GagaEdit

The Fame MonsterEdit

24th. Brown Eyes
23rd. Summerboy

22nd. Just Dance

21st. Poker Face
20th. Paparazzi
19th. Alejandro
18th. Bad Romance
17th. Telephone
16th. LoveGame

15th. Starstruck
14th. Boys Boys Boys
13th. I Like it Rough
12th. Disco Heaven
11th. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

10th. Money Honey
9th. Dance in the Dark
8th. Monster

7th. Again Again
6th. Teeth
5th. The Fame
4th. Speechless
3rd. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
2nd. Paper Gangsta
1st. So Happy I Could Die

Born This WayEdit

14th. Electric Chapel
13th. Government Hooker
12th. Heavy Metal Lover
11th. Bloody Mary
10th. Bad Kids

9th. Born This Way
8th. Marry The Night

7th. Judas
6th. Highway Unicorn
5th. Americano

4th. Scheiße

3rd. The Edge of Glory
2nd. You and I
1st. Hair


15th. Jewels N' Drugs

14th. Do What U Want
13th. ARTPOP
12th. Donatella
11th. Fashion!

10th. Applause
9th. Sexxx Dreams

8th. Mary Jane Holland

7th. Dope
6th. Gypsy

5th. Aura
4th. Venus
3rd. Swine
2nd. G.U.Y

The 1975Edit

The 1975Edit

16th. Talk!
15th. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You

14th. Menswear
13th. Pressure
12th. 12

11th. M.O.N.E.Y
10th. The 1975

9th. An Encounter
8th. Robbers

7th. Heart Out

6th. The City
5th. Girls
4th. Sex
3rd. Settle Down
2nd. She Way Out
1st. Chocolate

Imagine DragonsEdit

Night VisionsEdit

14th: Radioactive

13th: It's Time
12th: Demons
11th: Tiptoe
10th: On Top of the World

9th: Working Man
8th: Fallen

7th: Hear Me
6th: Every Night
5th: Underdog
4th: Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older)

3rd: Bleeding Out
2nd: Amsterdam
1st: Nothing Left to Say / Rocks

Ben HowardEdit

Every KingdomEdit

11th. 7 Bottles

10th. Gracious
9th. Promise

8th. Only Love

7th. Black Flies
6th. Keep Your Head Up

5th. Old Pine

4th. The Wolves
3rd. Diamonds
2nd. Everything
1st. The Fear

American AuthorsEdit

Oh, What a LifeEdit

11th. Love
10th. Home

9th. Believer
8th. Luck

7th. Ghost
6th. Best Day of My Life

5th. Trouble
4th. Think About It
3rd. Heart of Stone
2nd. Hit It
1st. Oh, What a Life

Neon HitchEdit

301 to ParadiseEdit

5th: Intro

4th: Red Lights
3rd: Some Like it Hot

2nd: Subtitles
1st: Gypsy Star

Happy NeonEdit

6th: The Bus

5th: Believe
4th: Born to be Remembered

3rd: Midnight Sun
2nd: Pink Fields
1st: Jailhouse


Pure HeroineEdit

10th: Royals

9th: A World Alone
8th: Team
7th: Still Sane
6th: Tennis Court
5th: 400 Lux
4th: Glory and Gore
3rd: Ribs
2nd: White Teeth Teens
1st: Buzzcut Season

Fall Out BoyEdit

Save Rock and RollEdit

11th: Rat a Tat
10th: Save Rock and Roll

9th: Young Volcanoes
8th: Death Valley

7th: Alone Together
6th: Miss Missing You
5th: The Phoenix
4th: Just One Yesterday

3rd: The Mighty Fall
2nd: Where Did The Party Go?
1st: My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark

London GrammarEdit

If You WaitEdit

16th: Maybe
15th: Sights
14th: Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me
13th: Help

12th: Flickers
11th: Wasting My Young Years
10th: Stay Awake

9th: Shyer
8th: When We Were Young
7th: Help Me Lose My Mind
6th: Strong
5th: High Life
4th: If You Wait
3rd: Metal & Dust
2nd: Hey Now
1st: Nightcall

The WeekndEdit

House of BalloonsEdit

9th: The Knowing

8th: Coming Down
7th: High For This
6th: What You Need

5th: The Morning
4th: The Party & The After Party
3rd: House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls
2nd: Loft Music
1st: Wicked Games


9th: The Zone

8th: Gone

7th: Rolling Stone
6th: Thursday

5th: The Birds Pt. 2
4th: The Birds Pt. 1
3rd: Heaven or Las Vegas
2nd: Life of the Party
1st: Lonely Star

Echoes of SilenceEdit

9th: Montreal
8th: D.D

7th: Next
6th: Initiation
5th: XO/The Host
4th: Outside
3rd: Echoes of Silence
2nd: The Fall
1st: Same Old Song

Kiss LandEdit

10th: Live For
9th: Pretty
8th: The Town

7th: Belong to the World
6th: Kiss Land
5th: Tears in the Rain
4th: Love in the Sky
3rd: Professional
2nd: Adaptation
1st: Wanderlust